Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Salutations and sparkly shoes!

Today has been a great day for two reasons. Firstly, I have entered the 'blogosphere'. Having managed successfully to avoid this, despite the pleas of my keyboard-happy friends, I have now been forced (yes, forced!) to become a blogger. This is purely for the benefit of my education. I am studying for an MSc in Public Relations at Stirling Uni and evil Derek has made me do this under threat of failure. Therefore, the primary purpose of this blog is to discuss matters related to public relations (and technology, which I don't know much about).
However, seeing as I've gone to all this trouble, I figure I might as well open the floor to the discussion of other, more random topics. For example, I am inclined to go on rants about things that annoy me and I feel that this may be a good way to vent my frustrations. Interestingly, I will, in my head, manage to tediously link this to discussions in class regarding the effect on the PR industry of people posting stuff on websites about companies they hate - I'm sure there is a name for such websites, but I do not know it.
The second reason for today being great is because I got a new pair of beautiful, shiny sparkly shoes!! For £3!!! Yes, it's cheap (in a bad way) and yes, it's a bit tragic but it feels great. So there. This is, I'm afraid, slightly more exciting for me than this blog.
If you're wondering where the url name comes from, it's a literal translation of the Edith Piaf song 'La Vie en Rose'. The actual translation is 'life through rose-tinted glasses' but I felt that this was too long and also slightly depressing. Anyway, I like Edith Piaf and I like pink and it sounds pretty.
My next task as a virgin blogger is to find a pretty picture to put on my blog, and then figure out how to get it there. I'm trying to think of something interesting that means something to me. Like pretty shoes. I'm open to suggestions.
Oh, yeah, before I go, Derek, you're not evil, I just said that to get your attention.

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