Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Marketing through mobiles gets extreme

Following on from Evi's seminar the other week on mobile technologies, and her posts on the issue, I thought it would be appropriate to comment on an article in USA Today, as reported on PR Watch. In a bid to connect with teen and twenty-something markets, new technology has enabled firms to send coupons directly to customer mobiles. Of course, we are already familiar with similar technology; 'Orange Wednesdays' on the Orange Mobile network, for example, allow customers 2-for-1 cinema tickets by sending a code to their mobile via SMS, which they can then presented on purchase for their discount. But it would seem this trend is being embraced outwith the mobile industry, permeating people's everyday purchases. And for good reason; marketing firm Access 360 Media reported redemption rates of around 40%, as opposed to only 2% for print or online coupon campaigns.
But the prize for innovation in the field has to go to Bloomingdale's who last week unveiled an 'interactive dressing room mirror' which streams a hi-def video of the shopper modelling clothes to his or her friends' computers or mobile devices, and allows said friends to pass comment and offer advice!
No need to drag the boyfriend round Topshop every weekend then, girlies. Not that his advice is ever any good. Mates, I hope you're on standby to help me out on my next shopping spree?
To read the full article, click on the link above.
(Source: USA Today, March 20th 2007)

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