Thursday, 15 March 2007

Reclaim the airwaves!

Anyone seen the ads for Current TV? It launched in the UK and Ireland (on Sky and Virgin Media) earlier this week, having been operating in the States since August 2005 and their ads are everywhere, it feels like.
Current TV is an independent media company with Al Gore at it's helm, which hands its content over to viewers, who created short 'pods' for broadcast. The idea came from MTV's UNfiltered, which ran in the 1990's and gave viewers cameras to create their own shows. Current TV's content will apparently be made up of 30% viewer created content, while the rest is purchased commercially by the channel.
Since I don't have Sky or Virgin Media, I can only speculate on what to expect. Is this the revolution? Or will we witness the drunk ramblings of some mates having a deep and meaningful over a bottle of wine (always more fun as a participant than an observer)? Can we expect Jackass-style stunts? Can we expect any intelligent content? I mean, come on people, this is the dumb masses we are talking about? Or is it?
Maybe this will be the start of something big. The little people have already, arguably, taken over the internet. Maybe it's time we just take over everything, all the tv channels, the radio stations, the newspapers, everything! Storm the BBC, reclaim the airwaves! After all, it can't be much worse than most of the rubbish we are already subjected to, can it?
If anyone has had the pleasure of witnessing the revolution, please let me know what it looks like.


John Rowlands said...

Hello little Irish deary

Current TV eh, imagine if you were a copper with those new head sets their wearing that record everything they see - which can in turn be used for evidence - you could be famous and minted for just doing your job! Though, admittedly, it probably wouldn't be your job for long after that.

I have my doubts about this, clever, new-fangled, sliced bread,low-fat spread, microwavable yorkshire pudding novel idea that is Current TV. How is it regulated? To much and it won't make much of a splash, to little and it simply won't work. And how about advertising? The covert PR possibilities are endless. How easy will it be to convince an indie program maker doing it for a laugh to pocket a retainer for some nice coverage of a company. VERY, that's how easy, and it could prove tough to distinguish whether its intentional.

It will either be taken over by sponsors and marketing, or the drive to keep anything of that ilk away will ensure stifling regulation thats tighter than a...(you may finish the turn of phrase). Am I being too cynical? For the love of god, lets hope its better than Live TV was!

Hanneke said...

Hi Nic!

Interesting blog. I really learn something from your articles. I'm proud of you!

xx Hanneke

Nic said...

I have a funny feeling it will be taken over by sponsors and marketing, John. Don't know why, just a feeling.